Monthly Archives: February 2014

Online valuations damaging property sales.

The real estate industry has expressed concerns that inaccurate automated valuations are having an adverse effect on the market. Real estate groups have opposed the labelling of computer estimates as “valuations”, with Coopers principal Paul Cooper claiming they can only legally be called an “opinion of value”. “Without a human element assessing it, I can’t […]

Selecting your perfect Investment Property

While proximity to family and friends and property feature may be most important when buying your family home, there are a number of other considerations that need to be made when purchasing an investment property.   Before committing to an investment property, consider the following factors that can impact the success of your investment.   […]

When was your last financial check-up

Summer is usually the time when we are most motivated to improve our lives, whether it’s by losing those extra winter kilos or finishing that weekend renovation you started. So while you are reassessing and changing other areas of your life, why not look in to your financial health with a quick check-up?   Creating […]

Dodgy operators remain an on-going problem’: Fight against spruikers intensifies

The Property Investment Professional of Australia (PIPA) has introduced a set of initiatives aimed at reducing the activities of ‘unscrupulous operators’ within the property investment industry, including the launch of a new website and anti-spruiking advertising campaign, as well as heightened fee and commissions disclosure policies for its members. PIPA chair Ben Kingsley, says the […]