Monthly Archives: July 2015

Australia’s ‘irrational exuberance’ to borrowing is risky, says study – Aust Broker Online

As read in the Aust Broker Online, Australia’s “irrational exuberance” about borrowing money to invest in property will increase the economy’s vulnerability to a more severe downturn. According to a study conducted by PIMCO, which compares Australian borrowers to those in other countries, lower mortgage rates and house price appreciation have driven a “herd mentality” […]

Unemployment at 12-month low – Aust Broker Online

 As read in the Aust Broker Online, Australia’s unemployment rate has fallen 0.1% to a 12-month low of 6% in May, as 42,000 more jobs were created in our economy. According to the jobs data released by the Aust Bureau of Statistics, the participation rate also held steady at 64.7% and hours worked rose by […]

Crackdown on foreign investors is working, says Treasurer – Aust Broker Online

As read in the Aust Broker Online, the Federal Government’s crackdown on rule-breaking foreign property investors is working, according to Treasurer Joe Hockey. Regulations guiding foreign property investors states that non-residents can only purchase new dwellings while temporary residents can purchase one established home to use as their residence while living in Australia, provided it […]