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$4.5bn profit for major banks

  ANZ recorded a $4.5bn unaudited, underlying profit in the nine months leading to June, putting it second in the Big Four behind CBA. CEO Mike Smith said increased activity in Asia contributed to the robust figures. ANZ has been aggressively pushing into the region in the past 6 months. ANZ’s underlying profit was up […]

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Looking beyond the big 4

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                When it comes to financing your home, the local bank is not your only choice. Purchasing a home is the largest single investment most Australians will make during their life.        When in doubt, borrowers often turn to what they know, feeling assured that the major banks are their only or at least their “safest” […]

ASIC bucks RAMS for “misleading” advertising

There was an article in The Australian Broker Online and it stated that RAMS is the latest casualty on ASIC’s hard-line stance on misleading advertising. The Westpac-owned brand was forced to change its high interest Saver account campaign after ASIC raised concerns over misleading information on the advertised 0.8% bonus rate. According to ASIC, the […]

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Symond “worried” customers clueless over rates

In an article in The Australian Broker Online it stated that Aussie’s John Symond is concerned about fresh data showing a third of Australians don’t know their own interest rate. The results of the Aussie – backed survey also suggests a third of investors were just as clueless over interest rates on mortgages. They survey […]

Over half of Aussies admit to “bank rage”

In an article in The Australian Broker Online it stated that a new survey claimed over half of Australians have experienced a case of “bank rage”, defined as anger or significant frustration toward their financial institution. A Heritage Bank survey found that 53% of respondents to a recent survey have suffered from bank rage in […]

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