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Is Your Most Important Asset Insured

What is the most important asset you have? Yourself. Your Health Your ability to earn an income.  Probably you would answer “yes” to any one or more of the above. Australians are according to statistics, highly underinsured with record levels of debt and low levels of personal savings.  Here are three scenarios to consider What […]

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Help your children purchase their property

Rising property prices are making it increasingly difficult for first home buyers to save the deposit required by banks to secure a mortgage. Coupled with rising property prices, it’s becoming more and more difficult for budding buyers to step onto the property ladder. There are some solutions – including being a guarantor on your children’s […]

Add value through renovation

Regardless of whether you plan to sell your property now or years into the future, some simple home improvements will not only add value to your property, they will also increase the quality of your day to day home life The first and perhaps the most important method for increasing your properties value is to […]

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