Monthly Archives: March 2014

RBA revises inflation forecast

The Adviser has reported the Reserve Bank of Australia has warned inflation may reach 3.25 per cent by December 2014, breaching the bank’s 2 to 3 per cent target.  In February’s quarterly Statement of Monetary Policy, the RBA revised its inflation expectation for the coming year to 2.25 to 3.25 per cent.  The Reserve Bank […]

BREAKING: Borrowers losing thousands to loan scammers

Australian Securities and Investment Commission is warning people about a lending scam after hearing from victims who have lost thousands of dollars.  ASIC has received reports of borrowers sending more than $33,000 over wire services after being scammed.  The borrowers were told before a loan can be advanced they must forward money for insurance, tax […]

Important Things You Must Know About Your Credit

12 March hardly sounds like a key date in history.  But, for those looking to buy property, 12 March 2014 could be a key date that determines whether or not they get a loan. Whenever someone applies for a mortgage, one of the first things a bank does is run a credit check on them.  […]

Supreme Court decision ‘good news’ for lenders

Reported from Australian Broker Online, a recent decision from the Supreme Court of NSW has ruled in favour of lender Permanent and broking groups Firstfolio and AFIG.  The decision held that a deed of settlement was binding on a borrower once the borrowers had signed and unconditionally delivered it, regardless of whether all other parties […]