Monthly Archives: October 2016

‘Unprecedented’ mortgage discounting to come to an end – Australian Broker Online

As read in the Aust Broker Online -JP Morgan has warned that widespread price discounting in the mortgage sector could soon end as the major banks face the task of preserving mortgage profitability. The JP Morgan Australian Mortgage Industry Report – Volume 23, released yesterday, explored the sustainability of the major lenders’ current mortgage strategies and their […]

Westpac closing branches as brokers take over – The Adviser

  The JP Morgan Australian Mortgage Industry Report – Volume 23, released yesterday, noted that Westpac was rationalising its branch footprint and improving systems to support the group’s multi-brand strategy. “Over the last 12 months, Westpac have closed 173 branches (from 1,261 to 1,088) and have improved growth by increasing broker flow modestly from 47 per […]