We are bombarded daily with information, advice and advertisements for Home Loans:
payment methods, interest rates, fees, charges, payout penalties, contribution benefits, the list
goes on. It can be daunting and confusing. The penalties for mistakes can be costly.
At Individual Home Loans, we take the guesswork and hassle away, as we are affiliated with a
large number of lenders, we can find the most suitable loan for your needs.

  • We work closely with you to identify and understand your exact needs and circumstances.
  • We locate all lenders whose products and rates suit those needs.
  • We look for the lowest fees and charges.
  • We explain in plain English all about the loan.

Individual Home Loans does not charge a brokerage fee.



Property is one of the most popular forms of investment available. It is seen to be secure,
tangible and potentially less risky than stocks. If you are planning to buy an investment
property, there are many considerations to take into account, from the type of property you
choose to purchase, to the way you structure your financing to best advantage, and all things
in between.

The first step you need to take when contemplating investing is to assess how you will be
able to finance your new purchase. As with buying a home to live in, you cannot commit to
a purchase without knowing what is within your means. It is much harder to work this out
when investing than when buying your own home, because a few extra factors need to be
considered. These include the likely rental return you will receive form your investment, the
tax deductions your may be eligible for, the equity you have available in any current assets,
whether or not they need restructuring, and what entity you should make your purchase

Please contact Individual Home Loans if you would like more information.



There are many reasons you may be thinking of refinancing your home or investment loans

  • Have you been a loyal customer of a bank but have received not loyalty incentives or benefits?
  • Do you know if your interest is too high?
  • Are you paying too many fees?
  • Have your circumstances changed so that your current loan is no longer working for You?
  • Have repayments begun to get too much for you and you need to consolidate other debt?
  • Are you thinking about building or renovation your home?

Now is the time to talk to Individual Home Loans to find out what you can do.
There are normally plenty of options, but do you have the time and the resources to find the
correct one? We do, we can discuss your options, and find a solution for you.