Monthly Archives: June 2013

Help your kids crack the property market

Saving for a home loan has never been harder, but there are still several ways that willing parents can help their kids break into the market. Guarantor – While your child may have the money to meet their regular mortgage repayments, they may not satisfy the lenders credit criteria. By becoming a guarantor for your […]

Renovation Reality

In an article from Mortgage News it says that if you turn on the TV, on most nights you’re almost certain to come across at least one ‘reality’ home improvement or renovation program. As exciting as they might make renovation look, real world renovation can be tough, not just on your back but on your […]

How to escape the ATO’s wrath

Last year the ATO announced the areas in which it will be cracking down on compliance breaches. Here are some top tips to make sure that you’re on the right side of the law. Cash transactions The ATO will also continue to apply its standard industry benchmarks to taxpayer records in order to identify businesses […]

Why size matters

Portion size. It’s something we’re often told to think about when it comes to food, but what about your mortgage? In fact, portion control is a crucial part of maintaining a well-balanced financial diet and similarly, ‘super sizing’ can wreak havoc with your financial health. Unlike with food, however, what’s right for you isn’t always […]