Monthly Archives: September 2013

Rents outstrip home value growth

In a recent article from the Advisor, Rental growth has outstripped home value growth since the onset of the financial crisis, new research has revealed. According to RP Data’s latest property pulse, since the end of 2007 combined capital city home values increased by 13.4 per cent, which compares with a 32.1 per cent increase […]

FBAA calls for LMI portability

  In a recent article from the Advisor, The Finance Brokers Association of Australia (FBAA) has called for mortgage insurance to be “overhauled”. According to FBAA president Peter White, consumers are paying tens of thousands of dollars more than they should on their mortgages because of a system that favours the insurers and banks. “Many […]

Looking beyond the bright lights

Inner-city markets have long been perceived as an attractive option for property investors, however outer city areas also offer some lucrative returns. Major Australian inner-city’s suburbs have been popular for many investors, often due to their close proximity to…well, just about everything. Despite this, there are still some unique advantages associated with the outer-city areas. […]

Fraudsters selling homes under owners’ names: Property industry urged to remain vigilant’

A spate of scams involving overseas fraudsters stealing property owners’ identities and then attempting (in some cases, successfully) to sell their houses is raising serious concerns in Western Australia. The latest incident, involving a Nigerian scam artist arrested earlier this month, serves as a ‘timely reminder’ to those in the property industry, according to Landgate. […]