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Carbon price may trigger rate hikes

 I read this article recently at Homeowners can expect a string of rate rises ahead of the planned carbon pricing scheme if the Reserve Bank follows what happened when the GST came in, economists said recently. The reform is the biggest since the tax started in 2000 and while raising just a third of […]

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Mortgage reduction strategies

Make your dream of debt free home ownership a reality with a few simple mortgage reduction strategies.The longer you take to pay off the principle amount you have borrowed for your home the more interest you will end up paying. It therefore makes sense to try and put a dint in your mortgage as quick […]

Budget a big disappointment

This was an article from The Advisor magazine and it states that the housing industry commentators have slammed the Federal Government for failing to address the growing housing affordability issue in the 2011 budget. In announcing the recent budget, Treasurer Wayne Swan placed an emphasis on skills, training, and skilled immigration, as well as improvements […]

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