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Understanding Your Total Commitments

Safeguard yourself against any unexpected mortgage fees & charges by reading the fine print before you sign on the dotted line. If your in the market for a new home loan you might be reasonably excited about some of the offerings up for grabs, but sometimes , as is often the case in life, deals […]

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Insure your family’s future

What would happen if a serious accident or illness left you unable to meet your mortgage repayments or other obligations? Nobody likes to think about falling ill, suffering a serious accident, or worse still, dying, but the truth is sometimes serious illness or misfortune may happen. If you have substantial obligations, such as a loan […]

Realities of refinancing

With the government gaining fees from the start of this financial year, a greater number of borrowers are reconsidering their current mortgage commitments and opportunities offered through refinancing. There are a number of key reasons why borrowers should consider refinancing. Importantly, while your home loan might have been right for you when you purchased your […]

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‘Panic’ could bring major rate cuts.

 I read this article recently in Australian Broker News that rates are likely to stay stable for the rest of the year, but “panic” could bring about major cuts, an economist has suggested. With lenders increasingly slashing fixed rates and economic unease growing following the U.S. debt downgrade, AMP chief economist Shane Oliver has told […]

Moody’s cuts big four ratings

This article appeared in the Adviser Magazine. Moody’s investors service has cut the rating of Australia’s big four banks after it said the lenders rely too much on offshore debt. The global credit agency downgraded the long term, senior unsecured debt rating of Australia’s four major banks to Aa2 from Aa1. Speaking about the downgrade, […]

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Carbon price may trigger rate hikes

 I read this article recently at Homeowners can expect a string of rate rises ahead of the planned carbon pricing scheme if the Reserve Bank follows what happened when the GST came in, economists said recently. The reform is the biggest since the tax started in 2000 and while raising just a third of […]

Mortgage reduction strategies

Make your dream of debt free home ownership a reality with a few simple mortgage reduction strategies.The longer you take to pay off the principle amount you have borrowed for your home the more interest you will end up paying. It therefore makes sense to try and put a dint in your mortgage as quick […]

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Budget a big disappointment

This was an article from The Advisor magazine and it states that the housing industry commentators have slammed the Federal Government for failing to address the growing housing affordability issue in the 2011 budget. In announcing the recent budget, Treasurer Wayne Swan placed an emphasis on skills, training, and skilled immigration, as well as improvements […]

Avoid the holiday hangover

There is no doubt that holidays help you achieve a better work/life balance but while it’s important to get away, coming home to financial strain will be a burden. But with the right approach you can treat the family to a well deserved holiday without breaking the bank. The journey begins with a frank assessment […]

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Westpac, ANZ report strong profits

An article from The Adviser reports Westpac has followed in ANZ’s footsteps, announcing a strong net profit for the first half of the 2011 financial year. ANZ recorded a 38 per cent increase in its first half year profits to 2.64 billion. Similarly, Westpac also announced a 38 per cent increase in statutory net profit […]